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Explore Wetland’s

The Swamp monsters
Through this exhibition, it is possible to discover the wildlife which occupies Quebec’s wetlands. Marsh insects can be observed and identified under the giant microscope. Wet environments can be explored behind tactile shades blending in the scenery of marshes, swamps and mires. Additional various activities are offered and will vary according to variable ages and knowledge levels.

Fishing Stories
Presenting the environment of freshwater fish and demonstrating the different fishing techniques from yesterday to today. Thematic exhibitions, linked to the current mission of the Park may be added within certain periods of the year.


Rates include admissions to Parc Découverte Nature (access to the site, guided tour, wetlands, exhibitions and fishing of one fish per person).

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The swap monsters
Duration of visit : 60 minutes

Fishing Stories:
Duration of visit : 30 minutes

Other activities may be suggested in relation with exhibitions.

Reservation are required during winter season.

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