River fishing

Fishing in a river - Fishing activities at Parc Découverte Nature

Fishing in a river!

River fishing allows more experienced visitors to tease the trout, and for those less experienced, to learn this challenging sport, a unique experience. Fly fishing allows visitors to learn more about its particular techniques. The activity includes an hour of field practice for beginners and 2 hours of river fishing accompanied by a guide. Take advantage of great rates by purchasing a fish cards!

Rods and worms are provided free of charge, in addition, on-site guides are more than willing to help you install baits and remove the fish once caught. You may also easily leave with your catch since on-site guides carefully prepare the fish in a bag containing ice.

Enjoy a complete fishing experience from the lake to the plate while appreciating your fresh trout! Take advantage of our on-site barbecues to cook your catch. Seasonings, herbs, sauces, foil paper and cutlery are provided. We also offer bags of rice, pork or chicken kebabs to complete your meal. Add fresh produce from our on-site gardens to this meal!


(fishing +1 fish)

Applicable taxes and transactional fees are not included

Rates for river fishing also include pond fishing and a fish. Reservation required at 1 888 849-2677.

What you can fish …

Distance : 1 km (0.6 miles)
Species : Brook trout, brown and rainbow trout
Size : 25 to 62.5 cm (10 to 25 in)
Duration : 3 hours

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