Parc Découverte Nature the best place to discover fish and their environment!

The Parc Découverte Nature is a non-profit organization that welcomes 11,365 visitors annually. The featured activity is Acoatica, a huge indoor and outdoor video game that combines technology, outdoors and fishing. Acoatica is an interactive and immersive adventure about the survival of threatened fish species in Quebec. In winter, ice fishing is a must!

Iso Famille MRC de Coaticook / Finaliste Concours des PRIX NUMIX 2022

Our mission

To develop, maintain, improve, and make accessible Parc Découverte Nature’s infrastructures within its natural environment and attractive tourism perspective.

Awards and recognition

Finalist in the 2022 NUMIX AWARDS Competition in the In situ – Experiential Installation category, 2022


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