Fishing adventure

Fishing - Summer activities at Parc Découverte Nature

Learning to fish in couple or surrounded by your loved ones!

The fishing path is ideal to discover this recreational sport within its magical environment!

Two fishing ponds are available for visitors to experience light-throw fishing. The purpose of the activity is to initiate the young and older crowd to practice this sport while creating awareness and respect towards the fish and its environment.

We strongly recommend bringing your fishing rods. If this is not possible for you, we will provide you with fishing rods and worms for free and a field guide team will help you install the baits and remove the fish. On-site field guides will help you install baits and remove the fish once caught. You may also easily leave with your catch since on-site guides carefully prepare the fish in a bag containing ice. You can also bring your container.

Enjoy a complete fishing experience from the lake to the plate while appreciating your fresh trout! Cook your catch on one of our on-site barbecues. Seasonings, herbs, sauces, foil paper and cutlery are provided. We also offer bags of rice to complete your meal. Add fresh produce from our gardens to this meal!

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Children and toddlers must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Rates include access to the site, the station’s wetlands, fishing of one fish per person and cooking the trout on the BBQ (seasonings, sauces, aluminum foil and cutlery included). The toddler ticket does not include fishing for a fish.

What you can fish …

Distance : Less than 1 km (0.6 miles)
Species : Brook trout and rainbow trout
Size : On average between 9 and 12 inches
Duration : 1 hour

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